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Injuries to Children



The lives and well-being of children are invaluable.  As their parents or guardians we constantly worry about their safety.  Unfortunately we cannot be by their side every moment of every day, and instead we must place our trust in their teachers and caretakers at school, day care and entertainment or recreational facilities.  Therefore there can be no tolerance for the negligent actions, or omission of actions, that result in injury to the child.  At Hauer and Co. we understand it can be distressing to have to see your child in physical or emotional distress and that feelings of guilt and grief may consume you.  We can help your family through this difficult process and advise you through every step of the way to hold the responsible party legally accountable for their negligence.


At Hauer and Company, we are committed to fighting for you and your child to obtain the maximum compensation available and to ensure the best medical and rehabilitative attention possible to attain full recovery.

We also understand that injuries to children can have implications that last throughout their lives and which may not always be recognized in the initial period of time following injury.  We will not rush through the legal settlement of your child’s injuries so that we may ensure your child’s present and future health and happiness.


We can represent you when your children are involved in injuries arising from:


  • Inadequate supervision at recreational facilities such as swimming pools, gymnasiums and dance studios
  • School day trip accidents
  • Improper supervision at daycare and other care facilities
  • Motor vehicle accidents including school bus accidents
  • Road accidents
  • Trip and Falls
  • Insecure or malfunctioning playground equipment at school and daycare grounds
  • Poison, Chemical, and Insect Injuries
  • Defective children products including car seats and toys
  • Birth Injuries
  • Animal Attacks including Dog Bites
  • Suffocation and Drowning
  • Choking Injuries
  • Burn Injuries and other disfigurement


In such situations, children may be vulnerable as they do not yet know when to fend for themselves. Whether your child’s injury is from the negligence of another caregiver or product, contact the expert legal professionals at Hauer and Co. to ensure your child’s best interests are safeguarded.


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