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Reporting A Legal Claim

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Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident or have been injured through the fault of someone else? Have you been deprived insurance benefits from an insurance company? Have you been left out of a will? Are you experiencing a marital dispute and require legal advice?

The Hauer and Co. Indigenous Bursary Program has been established by the law firm of Hauer and Co. to serve the legal needs of Indigenous Peoples. We offer several benefits:

  • Lawyers are available to attend to legal issues by meeting you on Indigenous land or in hospitals. We understand that some Indigenous people may have transportation or mobility issues.
  • Lawyers with a proven track record of assisting Indigenous people and litigating their issues.
  • Easy and fast financial assistance to personally injured Indigenous Peoples. Financial help before ICBC disability benefits materialize. We can ensure the need is met promptly.
  • Financial assistance when ICBC disability benefits do not cover monthly living expenses.
  • A legal approach that incorporates sensitivity to the culture, traditions and history of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Counselling and social support tailored for Indigenous Peoples issues and concerns.
  • A roster of medical experts who can provide specialized medical assistance for their personal injuries and unique health concerns. We consult with the finest medical experts in British Columbia to address the health concerns of injured parties.


Before you contact ICBC and file a claim, we can help you understand what type of compensation you may receive.

At Hauer and Co., we can help you get the compensation for which you are eligible from ICBC. This includes both immediate costs and losses in quality of life, such as:

  • Lost earnings (past and future wage loss)
  • Cost of medications and other medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Your out-of-pocket costs

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Indigenous Liaison Manager

Dean Gladue, Indigenous Liaison Manager, is a proud Métis person, tracing his Métis roots back to the Red River settlement, through both his father’s and mother’s lineage. Mr. Gladue recently retired from the RCMP after 26 years of distinguished service working with aboriginal and non-aboriginal communities in British Columbia and Canada.

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Indigenous Bursary Program

Hauer and Co. seeks to empower Indigenous Peoples by offering annual educational bursaries in the amount of $5,000 each. These are non-repayable funds.

If you are an Indigenous student or aspiring student and in need of financial assistance, we encourage you to apply by accessing the application form.

Bursary Program Application