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At Hauer & Company we offer a wide range of legal services but our main focus is on personal injury law in Victoria BC & Kamloops. If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident in either city, make sure you contact us before talking with an ICBC adjuster. This is extremely important because any statements you make about the accident could be used against you. A possible outcome that can arise from this slight mishaps is your claim being denied. You don’t want that to happen.


You want to make sure your claim is resolved and for the right amount. That’s why you need our Kamloops and Victoria BC personal injury lawyers. We put our clients’ best interest first and we have recovered fair compensation for people who have been injured in an accident just like yourself. We will protect your rights in dealing with ICBC and working for a settlement, as we years of experience helping others in your situation. You’re not just another client and we’re not just another law firm.


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Slip and Fall Injuries

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Vehicle Accidents

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School Accidents

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You’re Not Just Another Client. We’re Not Just Another Law Firm.

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Karl J. Hauer

Barrister, Solicitor & Notary Public, LL.B

The lawyers at Hauer and Company help accident victims get the results they deserve.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident, or through someone else's carelessness, Hauer and Company will work hard to get you everything you rightfully deserve for your losses.

Client Testimonials

I would have been lost without Karl and they would have out litigated me. Karl's personal touch , his caring manner and support helped through a very rough patch in my life. He was always available and had a great sense of humor and great knowledge concerning a difficult area of law. He saved the day and got me a settlement from defendant that were determined never to settle. Thank you Karl from the bottom of my heart.

Jesse has always offered his time to give me free advice when needed. I have never felt that he is not worth his wage as he is a great lawyer who has done for me and my children what other lawyers have not.

Having used a high profile litigation lawyer in Toronto on a number of occasions, I can honestly say that Karl Hauer is as experienced and probably more driven to succeed in his endeavors. Karl has the ability to think quickly on his feet and is able to anticipate what the opposing lawyer is going to present and is able to refute it before it is introduced, or even better, use it against them. If I should ever require a lawyer's services again I will most definitely be retaining Karl and I highly recommend him to anyone. Keep up the excellent work Karl and hold your head high. You have my deepest gratitude and respect. Signed Susan Wrenn, Comox, BC

Karl's demeanor kept me calm during a very emotional time. I am so happy to have found Karl. I am happy with the result he provided me; and, I would highly recommend him to friends and family.

[Jesse Stamm] went above and beyond any compensation I could give. They believed in me. Their efforts were enormous, in handling my messy litigations very quickly. Jesse was professional and assertive. On top of everything, he kept in constant contact and I received great support from his assistant. Pitbull when necessary, highly recommend.

After the Crown concluded the Criminal case against the Perpetrators, I retained Karl Hauer to help me negotiating the Civil suit against this party. This resulted in a substantial monetary settlement in my favor. I found Karl Hauer a skillful, versatile and shrewd negotiator which kept me always informed and consulted with me before decisions where made. I have no problem recommending Karl Hauer to anyone needing an experienced Lawyer at a reasonable rate. Karl Prinz, Victoria BC.

“[Karl Hauer] was able to see the problem from perspectives that other lawyers were not able to see which benefited me greatly.”

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