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Soft Tissue Injuries


Claims for Soft Tissue and Joint Injuries


The legal team at Hauer and Co. advise people about their legal and practical remedies for ensuring sufficient compensation in cases involving trauma to the spine, including the neck or back, to the joints such as shoulders or knees, and other injuries such as whiplash, muscle tearing or cartilage damage. Contact Hauer and Co. for a free consultation about the best ways to protect your interests while you recover from your injuries.


Serious damage to a major joint or muscle does not have to come from a high-impact car accident or bicycle crash.  Though many people might regard these soft-tissue injuries as relatively minor, the pain they can generate can be considerable, and it can take a long time to make a complete recovery. In fact, many accident victims would fare better with a fracture, because it typically heals completely. Damage to a spinal disc, muscle ligament or cartilage might require treatment by a surgeon in the future or progress into degenerative conditions.


B.C. Neck and Back Injury Lawyers in Kamloops for ICBC Claims


Our goal in ICBC claims litigation is to assist our clients document the full range of their injuries through careful review of their medical records in collaboration with their treatment team. Some injuries are more difficult to identify by a medical practitioner, and our lawyers know how to act on your behalf.


Hauer and Company represents people throughout British Columbia who encounter difficulty obtaining effective medical treatment or financial compensation related to injuries to the neck, back or major joints.  Such injuries can include:


  • Facet joint injuries in the spinal cord
  • Disc herniation or compression in the neck or back
  • Shoulder, elbow, or wrist injuries associated with slip and falls or motor vehicle accidents
  • Damage to the knees, hips or ankles


Our lawyers are committed to helping you get the medical diagnosis you need for a full identification of all your injuries.   Contact us for a free consultation to learn more about the ways we work to advance each client’s interest.

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