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School Accidents


Protecting the Interests of Children Injured Through Accident or Negligence


The personal injury lawyers at Hauer and Company act on behalf of clients whose children have suffered serious injuries during accidents on school grounds or during school outings or trips.  We want to be sure your child receives the best possible medical treatment and ongoing care for the full range of physical, emotional and developmental problems resulting from an accident.


If you have a child involved in an accident involving a school, contact the lawyers at Hauer and Company Contact for a free consultation.   We can for example handle the following circumstances:


  • Injuries suffered at school venues including playgrounds, gymnasiums
  • Serious injuries at school sponsored events at skating rinks or swimming pools
  • Accidents at community centres during school-sponsored events
  • Injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents, for example if a bus or van is used to carry students to or from an external venue
  • Swimming venues, including diving, boating or drowning accidents related to school events


These types of compensatory claims present specific challenges.  One significant area of concern is the developmental impact of various injuries to children, which can be difficult to assess. As a result, it may take sometime to obtain a reasonably accurate prognosis for recovery from medical practitioners.  Also many children suffer emotional, cognitive or behavioural consequences following a traumatic accident, which may be more serious for the child than the phyiscal injury.  Not least in importance, some serious injury cases may carry a lasting impact on a young person’s educational and vocational prospects that may be difficult to immediately assess.


 B.C. Lawyers for School Accident Claims


The goal at Hauer and Company is to help individuals and families realize the most complete recovery possible following an accident. If you require advice about your legal and practical options following an injury to your child at school or an event sponsored by a school, do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.


If your child or loved one has suffered injury as a result of a school-related accident, we encourage you to contact us.

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