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Psychological Injuries


Compensation for Stress, Depression or Anxiety After an Accident


Each person responds in his or her own unique way to the physical and mental challenges presented by a serious accident. Some people recover quickly after the initial pain and intensive treatment that normally are present after an injury. an injury.   Unfortunately, for others recovery may be both slow and uneven.  These people may encounter their most severe challenges weeks or even months after a traumatic injury.


At Hauer and Company, helping people regain their lives forms the core of everything we do. This applies as much to the emotional and psychological well-being of accident survivors as it does to their physical recovery and the amount of their monetary compensation.


Legal and Practical Advice About Psychological Problems


After the emotional and psychological impacts of an accident have been diagnosed and treated, expert evidence may reveal such injury to be related to the accident itself. Psychological symptoms can also be the result of the pain and disability associated with the injuries, or emotional problems of adjustment to a period of reduced physical or cognitive capacity.


These mental and emotional factors include:


  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Anxiety or panic disorders
  • Sleep disorders
  • Cognitive deficits in memory, high-order reasoning, appropriate affect or behaviour, or other essential functions
  • Aversion disorders such as heightened fear of dogs after a serious biting injury or a fear of driving after a car accident
  • Pain disorders, including fibromyalgia, that are associated with depression and other psychological problems


Proving the mental or emotional aspects of an injury claim can be difficult, but your legal team at Hauer and Company is determined. To learn how you or your family can benefit from our legal and practical understanding of psychological damages in the injury claims compensation process, contact our office.

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