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Medical Malpractice

Resolving Medical Negligence Claims in British Columbia


Many personal injury lawyers avoid medical negligence claims because of the difficulty in meeting the legal and evidentiary standards of proof against doctors and/or hospitals suspected of negligence in patient care.


Contact Hauer and Company for a free consultation. We handle a wide variety of negligence claims against doctors, hospitals and other health care providers. We also know what it takes to overcome the resistance of the Canadian Medical Protective Association (CMPA), the insurer that covers British Columbian doctors in medical negligence actions.


Proving Medical Negligence


Success in a medical negligence claim depends on more than proof of an error in judgment or practice on the part of a health care professional. It is also necessary to prove that the error causing the injury was of a kind that a reasonably careful professional would not have made under similar circumstances, and that the negligence actually resulted in the patient’s injury or death.


This burden of proof means that expert review of the circumstances and expert testimony will ordinarily be required to determine the viability of the medical negligence claim and to overcome the objections that the CMPA will be certain to raise in defending the actions of the doctor involved.


For additional information about your potential claim for medical negligence claims in B.C., contact Hauer and Company for a free consultation.

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