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Aviation Accidents


Aviation is a field encompassing many professions, manufacturers and businesses moving passengers and cargo between many points on the globe. Safety standards and complex laws and regulations govern practices within the industry. However, when something goes amiss there is a potential for disaster.


When breakdowns in safety that cause damage, or loss of life and tragedy, or through mismanagement or dishonest business practices that cause economic losses to consumers of airline services; we step in to advocate for you.


We hold those responsible accountable for their actions, and help the victim find restitution or resolution.

Although representing clients is our priority, we also hold the industry to the highest standards in which passenger safety and security are paramount.



We also deal with excessive delays, unreasonable charges, questionable landings or other consumer-related issues.


These cases often require a grasp of aviation matters, including:


  • The interaction between industry, commercial, technical and government agencies and groups
  • The collection of federal, international and industry laws, safety standards and regulations that make up aviation law
  • The realities of everyday practice within the industry,
  • The physical and technical processes involved in accidents, including mechanical failures, pilot error and air traffic control mismanagement


If you or your family has been affected by an airline crash, hard landing or significant aviation-related consumer issue, call Hauer and Company or send us an email to set up a free consultation.  We serve clients throughout British Columbia.

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