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Homeowners Insurance Claims


Information for Owners and Occupiers in Casualty Loss and Liability Claims


If you are unsure whether your insurance company is providing to you the full benefit of a claim covered under a homeowners or occupiers policy, contact the legal professionals at Hauer and Company for a free consultation to discuss your policy.


We will act for property owners and occupiers in circumstances involving disputes that may arise under homeowners and occupiers insurance policies including first-party loss claims and third-party liability claims.


Homeowners Insurance Loss Disputes

Several types of disputes that may occur when a property owner or occupier needs coverage for a loss include partial or full denial under some condition or exclusion in your insurance policy, the refusal of the insurer to pay the full value claimed, and an insurer’s propensity to declare fraud when the amount of the claim or other financial circumstances of the insured are alleged to be suspicious.

The lawyers at Hauer and Company have extensive experience helping to protect and enforce the rights of insured people in different cases that may arise, including:


  • Fire damage losses
  • Theft, vandalism or burglary losses
  • Flood and water damage claims
  • Damage caused by inclement weather conditions including wind, ice, snow or hail storms
  • Damage caused or held to be caused by adverse ground conditions, including landslide or unstable soil composition


Hauer and Company’s third-party liability insurance legal experts act in the best interests of homeowners who rely on their coverage to protect them for damages suffered to people due to negligence. We endeavor to hold the insurer to its duties of defence and indemnification. Specifically, the insurer must pay the costs of your legal defence on a valid claim and must pay whatever liability is held against you under the policy.


B.C. Fire and Theft Insurance Lawyers


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