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Flood and Theft Claims


Property Damage in B.C. – How to Protect Your Right to Coverage

The lawyers at Hauer and Company can act for you in the event you are a property owner or occupier that has suffered casualty losses from for example theft, vandalism, burglary, fire, water damage or snow and ice damage.  If your insurance company denies your claim or part of it, or if you feel fails to advise you on your full range of remedies, contact us for a free consultation explaining your options.


Advising on Theft Loss Claims

One of the most common problems arising in theft loss insurance claims involves the ability of the insured to claim coverage for stolen property without being able to provide clear evidence of ownership, immediate possession, or value.  Few people routinely maintain a detailed record of household goods, neither taking photographs, writing serial numbers down, nor retaining purchase receipts.  The expert lawyers at Hauer and Co. will collect and produce documentation that insurers can understand and that will stand up in either settlement negotiations or court.


If the insurance company suspects fraud, for example if it believes there was an “inside job” or other collusion between the insured and the burglar, it may deny claim or cancel coverage.   There may be good reason for the insurance company to do so even where it lacks evidence to support the existence of fraud if the threat of such cancellation or prosecution can scare the insured into a low settlement.  Our lawyers use their experience in establishing proof of disputed and denied claims under different insurance claims to help our clients call an insurer’s bluff.  We retain our own investigators for the purpose of countering allegations of fraud as necessary.


Distinguishing Between Excluded Flood Damage and Covered Casualty Losses

B.C. insurers do not normally provide flood insurance.  Since most homeowners are at little or no risk of flooding, coverage is too expensive in many places to be offered.


This leads insurers to often try to deny claims based on water damage, relying on a policy’s flood exclusion.   Our lawyers can investigate to determine whether the property damage you suffered resulted instead from another cause including burst pipes, storm damage or poor construction.  Every claim for damaged property involving water does not necessarily mean that damage was caused by flood, and it is possible your policy covers it.


Our Kamloops Property Insurance Claims Lawyers Can Help You

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