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Assessing and Presenting Claims for Pain That Is Difficult to Diagnose


Fibromyalgia is a controversial condition that may account for chronic pain that is longer in duration or is more intense than what one would normally expect from the type of injuries or trauma sustained in an accident.  Medical experts have reached no consensus yet on what causes or what is the most effective medical treatment for fibromyalgia.


Claims for chronic pain syndrome, including fibromyalgia, are often resisted by ICBC and other insurers without documentation or qualified expert testimony that supports such claims and establishes the loss as arising out of the accident in question.  As part of damages in accident compensation cases, the experts at Hauer and Company have thorough knowledge with the investigation and presentation of chronic pain claims as an element of damages in accident compensation cases.


Kamloops Chronic Pain Syndrome Lawyers


Our law firm works with medical practitioners throughout British Columbia and Western Canada to help chronic pain sufferers determine the causes of their problems, find the most effective treatments available, and recover compensation for any ongoing pain and suffering that can be shown to have resulted from the negligence of a third party.


Usually the process of establishing proof in fibromyalgia cases is difficult and vigorously resisted.  However Hauer and Company lawyers have experience with proof of damages in difficult claims as well as easy ones.  More important than financial compensation in such cases is the opportunity to work with an expert legal and medical team to reveal answers to your questions about what you can do to alleviate chronic and severe pain, fatigue and discomfort.


Contact Hauer and Co. for more information about ways our lawyers can help people who suspect their chronic pain and suffering associated with a condition of fibromyalgia or other pain disorders arose from a car accident or other negligence.

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