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Dog Bites and Animal Attacks

Liability for Dog Bite and Animal Attack Injuries in B.C.


In dog bite and animal attack cases the first priority is to make sure that the victim gets timely and effective medical treatment for physical injury and psychological trauma. In serious dog attacks, there can be nerve damage, soft tissue injury and muscle tears that present a risk of permanent harm. Corrective surgical procedures, treating scarring and disfigurement, are possible in the worst cases. Even less-serious animal attacks expose the victim to risks such as infection.


Our legal team will work with your medical team, monitoring your treatment and recovery to see whether the attack has resulted in any psychological problems. Ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to long-term fear of dogs or other situational anxiety, these emotional issues can create problems for the victim for years, especially when the person bitten is a child.


Compensation for Dog Bite and Animal Attack Claims in B.C.


Once the ownership of the animal involved in the attack is known, we will pursue the owner or its insurer for the liabilities related to the injuries suffered. Animal owners are responsible for preventing harm their pets can cause others. Only rarely will the owner defending the claim show there was no way to reasonably foresee that the animal was dangerous.


More commonly, the defences in a dog bite or animal attack case will involve such circumstances as trespass, provocation or negligent supervision of a small child.


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