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Denied Claims


Taking a Second Look at Your Denied Claim for Insurance Coverage


The lawyers at Hauer and Company help people obtain the benefit of their insurance protection across a variety of policies and claim scenarios. Our lawyers can help advise and answer questions about the scope of various insurance coverage, and help overcome obstacles to getting paid under a particular policy.


When the insurer resists partial or whole payment of an insured’s claim on any of a number of grounds; defects in the proof of loss, the insured’s violation of a condition of coverage, or the exclusion of the risk under the terms of the policy, contact our office for a free consultation about your legal and practical options.


Hauer and Company works to protect our clients’ interests in coverage to the greatest extent possible in matters ranging from ICBC Part 7 claims to homeowner or business losses due to fire or theft. We act for clients who need advice about their rights under any of the following kinds of coverage:


  • Boat insurance
  • Construction warranties
  • Disability insurance
  • Fire and theft insurance
  • Homeowners liability protection
  • ICBC motor vehicle accident insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Right to lost wages under ICBC benefits or private disability plans
  • Storm insurance


Our work involves presentation of the analysis and facts surrounding your loss in terms that can convince the insurer to act on your claim in a favourable manner.


B.C. Lawyers Acting Against Insurers for Bad Faith Settlement Practices


In other cases, the insurance company’s delay or opposition to payment will amount to a bad faith denial of coverage. This can lead to, in addition to your right of coverage, an independent cause of action against the insurer. We can help you distinguish between a legitimate dispute and unfounded opposition meant to harass you into a low settlement.


For additional information about the ways our lawyers can help you obtain the insurance coverage you are entitled to at a time of loss, contact Hauer and Company for a free consultation.

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