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Collision with train leads to $1.4 million award

In the recent case of Huang v. Canadian National Railway Company, 2018 BCSC 1235, a train owned and operated by the Canadian National Railway (“CNR”) struck the passenger side of Jane Huang’s vehicle. She was crossing railway tracks on Smith Crescent close to Glover Road in Langley, BC (“Smith Crossing”) (“Collision”). Ms. Huang was seriously injured in the Collision. Her most significant injuries include an incomplete spinal cord injury and a traumatic brain injury. Smith Crossing is one of a series of railway crossings adjacent to Glover Road, forming part of what is called the Page railway subdivision (“PSD”). The Canadian Pacific...

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ICBC claim of $1.1 million for injured who couldn’t be doctor or nurse

In the recent decision of Bhatti v. Ethier, 2018 BCSC 1779, an ICBC claim, the plaintiff Bhatti claimed damages for personal injuries suffered in two motor vehicle accidents that occurred November 4, 2012 and December 28, 2012.  The defendants, represented by ICBC claim counsel, admitted liability for causing the accidents. At the time of the accidents the plaintiff was a 16-year-old high school student, enrolled in Grade 11 at Abbotsford Senior Secondary School.  At trial in April and May 2018, she was 21 years of age. The main issue in the case was the extent to which the accident injuries have...

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